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Help hungry orphans in China


This is for me as a foodie

I am a highschool senior finding what I should do in life that would be meaningful to me. I’ve asked myself what my passion was and the same memory keeps popping into my head. Ever since the last time I went back to China, my head revolves around the same memory. So I was in Hubei, China, in my grandpa’s village, walking outside thinking how peaceful it was, when suddenly, I saw something move behind the garbage pile. I walked closer and saw that it was a little boy rummaging through the garbage and putting whatever his little hands could find into his mouth. When the little boy saw me, he quickly jumped on top of a cloth covered lump. As I looked closer, the lump was a little girl so skinny that her cheekbones jabbed out from her face. Her skin was grey and lifeless. Inside her mouth was a bunch of banana peels, dirt, and other things. The little boy kept feeding her like she was alive. This image got stuck inside my brain that everytime I eat (when do i ever stop eating), I wish they could also get to eat real food.
I don’t want to see anymore frail children with frowns on their faces the next time I go to China. I dont want to see them shake every time their heart beats or stomach grumbles.
I really want to start this project of funding for hungry children. I am planning to make a lot of stuffed “Baozi” toys that I have designed to sell to fund the orphanage and kids on the streets, but I need funding to start the business and to get the material and production in 6 months. This is what I have been searching for and what I want my life’s meaning to be directed to.
I will go to China personally to donate the money from this project and if this project becomes bigger, I will start funding other nation’s starving children. This project is basically my life and how I want my life to go. If I get this fund, you have helped me make my life meaningful to me and have helped poor starving thrown away children live and smile another day and make them belive that they have another chance to live called tomorrow.
You can fund in the link at the top. Thankyou so much for making it a better and brighter day for those you dont know.

Pot sticker dips

There are many combinations of pot sticker dips you can make, but what if you want a dip that doesn’t overpower the pot sticker taste, or want a stronger dip? Here are some dips my family uses for pot stickers!

  1. plain Chinese rice vinegar
  2. Chinese rice vinegar with pepper flakes and a bit of soy sauce
  3. salt, pepper flakes, water
  4. soy sauce, honey, water
  5. sesame oil, soy sauce, pepper flakes
  6. oyster sauce, vinegar, pinch of sugar

I usually don’t make oil based ones considering the fact that pot stickers already have oil on them. Please enjoy and comment below which ones you liked best and introduce me to new combinations!

How to cook potstickers

Oh wow, how long has it been since I made pot stickers! Regardless of how long it was, I will never forget the first time I made pots tickers. They were raw on the inside, mushy and oily on the outside, and completely burnt on the bottom. My mom taught me a method for the pot stickers to cook thoroughly and have a crispy bottom and it eliminated my fear of cooking pots tickers ever since. This strategy is so easy and successful!

  1. turn on your stove to high
  2. spread 2 tablespoons of oil onto the bottom of the pan. (my mom likes to put a pinch of tapioca starch on the bottom to give a a bit more crust)
  3. place the frozen pot stickers into the pan, circling the edge of the pan. Make sure they are not touching each other!
  4. let the pot stickers fry in the oil for 30 seconds
  5. after 30 seconds, pour water over the pot stickers until 2/3 of the height of the pot stickers are covered
    1. you can substitute the water with broth, which will give it even  more flavor
  6. turn your stove to the high end of medium(my stove is 2-3-4-5-6-high, so I would turn it to 6)
  7. cover the pan with a lid and wait for most of the water to evaporate
  8. when there is like 1/2 a millimeter high of water left, turn the stove on to 3
  9. cook for 1-2 min, or until the bottom is golden brown

Please enjoy!

Non-stick Fried noodle technique

So based on my past experiences frying noodles, the noodles always ends up either sticking together or to the bottom of the pan. I tried a new method, the traditional Chinese method my grandpa uses to make fried noodles and it worked perfectly.

  1. After you boil the noodles, you rinse it for 5 seconds with cold water, so the noodles are warm, no piping hot
  2. pour a little bit of olive oil or vegetable oil all over the noodles and toss it in the strainer, letting the water dry out and noodles to cool
  3. repeat the process until all of the water is dried out and until each noddle has a thin layer of oil on it
  4. when you fry it, use less oil frying the vegetables so the amount of oil in the noodles and vegetable wont be overwhelming
  5. you can also keep it in the refrigerator for 3 days

I hope you enjoy!

Hand-washing all of my clothes?!

Ok. Come on…I know you are traditional mom, but seriously, we are wasting time here…”You wont get a husband if you don’t know how to hand wash clothes…your husband will think you are lazy if you don’t do it the modern way. Modern ways are lazifying you!!!!” and so on…and yes, i just added lazifying into the dictionary.

After a long day of homework and other busy stuff my parents made me do, hand washing my clothes does not even qualify to be at the bottom of my list. And don’t give me any crap about having a husband when I am not even 18…

So apparently, based on my knowledge, in traditional asian families, girls spend their whole life preparing to be a wife, and being a good wife means that you have to do everything the traditional and hard way…I mean like there is nothing wrong to be traditional some of the times, but when you are extremely tired after a shitload of work that you almost turned into shit, looking at that pile right in front of the washing machine, reaaally adds a cherry on top.

I mean, we are in modern age right now. Why not use the advantages given to us, rather than spending a lot of money that’s actually based off of hard work.

Raining Cats and Dogs

It was a peaceful afternoon like usual. Birds flying against the summer breeze, flapping their wings ever so gently to lift their fragile bodies up to splatter their white droppings onto lamborghinis and giving more people cleaning jobs. Sunlight seeping into people’s skins like a towel soaking in water, giving healthy but rashy skin. No loud banging of pots and pans from hard working mothers, or fathers. Everything was just silent, silent. With an exception of me. No matter where, when, why, how you name it, i go, there is a buzz inside of my brain. I guess it would be the buzz that’s blocking out all the sounds around me. I can hear alright, but not when I space out however. Many thoughts can go in my head at once and I really want to appreciate every aspect of what i see completely. They just pop up into my head, pushing and squeezing to get my attention. Everything is interesting, but focusing on one thing really in depth will stimulate your brain cells hidden in the deepest corner of your head. At least that’s what I have learned to memorize from my bio teacher last year. I just can’t seem to get a hold of that in my head, i mean really understand that. I thought about it way too much. It’s like when you repeat a word over ten times, after a while you really don’t know what you are saying. It ends up sounding foreign.

Nothing new is popping out of the blue for me to make my interests pop like pop rocks. Not too much, not too little, but sweet. The sun was just so bright that you wouldn’t have expected any dogs and cats on earth. A Woof came out of nowhere and proved me wrong. I guess you had to have both dogs and cats in order for it to rain. I just sat on the lawn watching a dog bark, or just opening its mouth a couple of times every 5 seconds while staring at me with those big eyes. Oh those big big eyes, I could just melt into them, into another phase of watching ambulance cars speeding over. You know, there are two ways to watch cars. One way is when you stare on the other side of the road and let cars go by like puff balls. Well I really only do this to distract myself of the anxiety of being surrounded by too many individual cars. Another ways is to stare at a car, and only at that car as it passes. You have to turn your head as it moves from one side of you to the next and stare at it like it’s your impossible-to-get first love.

I sat there for 5 hours actually. Not alone i mean, with my old used up pencil, a dirty eraser and a big notebook filled with words and phrases put together in a way that is not grammatically correct. Poetry. The sound that can distract me from the buzz, the weather, the dogs and maybe cats if there were any now. I really enjoy writing poetry, however. You just need a couple of words, put together in a rhyming and not grammatically correct way. I just say, let the others do the honors of filling in the missing information. Everyone is different, so everyone can manipulate the poem in their head into one that is suitable for them to accept.

Speaking of missing information now, a cat just popped out of nowhere. Wow, the final piece of the puzzle was found. Why am I not surprised like the rest of the people. A boom of thunder bounced and expanded across the sky like it covering the earth like a layer of dust. You can never clean that up by yourself, so don’t even think about it. oh no… Here it comes. Dogs and Cats dropped from the sky like bullets and tumbled like rolly-pollies. I had to be like a knight in a shining armor and shielded my notebook from damage, internally and externally. I quickly wrapped up everything and ran back inside my rabbit hole to watch the dogs and cats take over earth.