A Cupcaketastic Introduction


Hi everyone! Cupcakes make me very excited and happy which really describe how I feel right now! This is my very very vveeeerrryyy first blog XD. I am so excited to be introduced to this community! I will mostly be blogging about foods like rating, introducing, recipes, and as a warning, I am a CRAAAAZZZZYYYYY foodie. I will also be writing about some very stories! No one has the same ideas as another person, so I will be sharing my ideas with you!

ps, I did make these cupcakes with little gummy bears on them so I can give you all a big hug ^.^


2 thoughts on “A Cupcaketastic Introduction

    • Thankyou so much! These are Chocolate cupcakes that I made for my friend’ Grandparents! I wanted to do something nice for them since they invited me to celebrate Christmas with them!


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