Hand-washing all of my clothes?!

Ok. Come on…I know you are traditional mom, but seriously, we are wasting time here…”You wont get a husband if you don’t know how to hand wash clothes…your husband will think you are lazy if you don’t do it the modern way. Modern ways are lazifying you!!!!” and so on…and yes, i just added lazifying into the dictionary.

After a long day of homework and other busy stuff my parents made me do, hand washing my clothes does not even qualify to be at the bottom of my list. And don’t give me any crap about having a husband when I am not even 18…

So apparently, based on my knowledge, in traditional asian families, girls spend their whole life preparing to be a wife, and being a good wife means that you have to do everything the traditional and hard way…I mean like there is nothing wrong to be traditional some of the times, but when you are extremely tired after a shitload of work that you almost turned into shit, looking at that pile right in front of the washing machine, reaaally adds a cherry on top.

I mean, we are in modern age right now. Why not use the advantages given to us, rather than spending a lot of money that’s actually based off of hard work.

3 thoughts on “Hand-washing all of my clothes?!

  1. oh my! With you all the way on this, especially as for the past 5months we have been handwashing our clothes. We are in a long term rental without a washing machine and it is such a pain! Fortunately though we do take it in turns and the linen is done weekly by the apartment owners otherwise I would really lose it.


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