How to cook potstickers

Oh wow, how long has it been since I made pot stickers! Regardless of how long it was, I will never forget the first time I made pots tickers. They were raw on the inside, mushy and oily on the outside, and completely burnt on the bottom. My mom taught me a method for the pot stickers to cook thoroughly and have a crispy bottom and it eliminated my fear of cooking pots tickers ever since. This strategy is so easy and successful!

  1. turn on your stove to high
  2. spread 2 tablespoons of oil onto the bottom of the pan. (my mom likes to put a pinch of tapioca starch on the bottom to give a a bit more crust)
  3. place the frozen pot stickers into the pan, circling the edge of the pan. Make sure they are not touching each other!
  4. let the pot stickers fry in the oil for 30 seconds
  5. after 30 seconds, pour water over the pot stickers until 2/3 of the height of the pot stickers are covered
    1. you can substitute the water with broth, which will give it even  more flavor
  6. turn your stove to the high end of medium(my stove is 2-3-4-5-6-high, so I would turn it to 6)
  7. cover the pan with a lid and wait for most of the water to evaporate
  8. when there is like 1/2 a millimeter high of water left, turn the stove on to 3
  9. cook for 1-2 min, or until the bottom is golden brown

Please enjoy!

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