Non-stick Fried noodle technique

So based on my past experiences frying noodles, the noodles always ends up either sticking together or to the bottom of the pan. I tried a new method, the traditional Chinese method my grandpa uses to make fried noodles and it worked perfectly.

  1. After you boil the noodles, you rinse it for 5 seconds with cold water, so the noodles are warm, no piping hot
  2. pour a little bit of olive oil or vegetable oil all over the noodles and toss it in the strainer, letting the water dry out and noodles to cool
  3. repeat the process until all of the water is dried out and until each noddle has a thin layer of oil on it
  4. when you fry it, use less oil frying the vegetables so the amount of oil in the noodles and vegetable wont be overwhelming
  5. you can also keep it in the refrigerator for 3 days

I hope you enjoy!


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