Help hungry orphans in China

This is for me as a foodie

I am a highschool senior finding what I should do in life that would be meaningful to me. I’ve asked myself what my passion was and the same memory keeps popping into my head. Ever since the last time I went back to China, my head revolves around the same memory. So I was in Hubei, China, in my grandpa’s village, walking outside thinking how peaceful it was, when suddenly, I saw something move behind the garbage pile. I walked closer and saw that it was a little boy rummaging through the garbage and putting whatever his little hands could find into his mouth. When the little boy saw me, he quickly jumped on top of a cloth covered lump. As I looked closer, the lump was a little girl so skinny that her cheekbones jabbed out from her face. Her skin was grey and lifeless. Inside her mouth was a bunch of banana peels, dirt, and other things. The little boy kept feeding her like she was alive. This image got stuck inside my brain that everytime I eat (when do i ever stop eating), I wish they could also get to eat real food.
I don’t want to see anymore frail children with frowns on their faces the next time I go to China. I dont want to see them shake every time their heart beats or stomach grumbles.
I really want to start this project of funding for hungry children. I am planning to make a lot of stuffed “Baozi” toys that I have designed to sell to fund the orphanage and kids on the streets, but I need funding to start the business and to get the material and production in 6 months. This is what I have been searching for and what I want my life’s meaning to be directed to.
I will go to China personally to donate the money from this project and if this project becomes bigger, I will start funding other nation’s starving children. This project is basically my life and how I want my life to go. If I get this fund, you have helped me make my life meaningful to me and have helped poor starving thrown away children live and smile another day and make them belive that they have another chance to live called tomorrow.
You can fund in the link at the top. Thankyou so much for making it a better and brighter day for those you dont know.

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